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Welcome to The Fallen's rebirth Corporation. Please feel free to browse.
Members: Please sign up with your main in-game name that you use in the corporation.
Members: Please be sure to keep up to date on the calender events. This will let you know when events will be going on.
Non-Members: Please be sure that if your applying, use your In-Game contact name for your poster name.
Notice to all: All who apply for the forum will be checked in-game to see if a member or not of the Corporation. Non-members will be declined to join the forums' Member's Area untill Application has been approved and become a Corp Member.

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 Corp Recruite Information

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PostSubject: Corp Recruite Information   Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:56 pm

::The Fallens Rebirth Corporation::

Tax: 5%, Increases to 100% when Corp Group Missions, Ops, War, and Group PVP are running.

Races Allowed: Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar

Skill Requirements: Open to all players.

Additional Requirements: Players new to eve must get PLEX or fully activate account if planning to continue to play. New players must notify AkatokuChaos, Rygsby, Takaru Chaos or K1ll3r D4bb3r if going offline for a while, having issues, or quitting the game.

Recruiting types: PVP/PVE, Ratting Security, Industrial Transporters, Explorers, Salvagers, Harvesters, and Miners.

Alliance: Grim Enterprise

Locations: Both High sec and Low sec

Other: Looking for players that are willing to be active and willing to participate in event.

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Corp Recruite Information
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